Bars offer new ‘cure’ after bar-hopping

The HangIVer Bar, in Tampa, Florida, is marketed as a new-age spa offering the latest in therapies. “The concept is based on wellness, a modern wellness spa that allows people to get treatment for not just hangovers, but for acute illness,”



Hydration IV bar opens in Tampa

A new bar in Tampa is serving up some unique cocktails.

Happy hour at the HangIVer Bar isn’t toasting to alcohol, but a new trend in wellness called rehydration therapy that’s made its way to Tampa.



Bay area ‘bar’ has hangover cure

Tampa, FL – If you had a little too much to drink over the weekend or you’re waking up with that morning-after-hangover, one Tampa Bay doctor says she has the cure.



Local Doctor Opens IV Drip Bar

52-year-old Paige Anderson has come to South Tampa looking for the fountain of youth. But this is not a day spa or a medical clinic. It’s a bar where the staff only serves up about five drinks. From the Hair of the Dog to the Fountain of Youth, your liquids come in a bag and they’re in the form of an IV.


Bar offers hangover treatment

Think you’ll wake up with a hangover on New Year’s Day after partying like a rock star on New Year’s Eve? If so, you’re not alone.

On New Year’s Eve, a steady stream of people filed into South Tampa’s HangIVer Bar to get an IV drip, with the goal of preventing a New Year’s Day hangover.



Sticks it to customers to cure fatigue, hangovers

A new bar in South Tampa mixes cocktails called Hair of the Dog, Chicken Soup and Fountain of Youth. It serves them in plastic bags, not cups. Needles substitute for straws.

The HangIVer Bar does hydration therapy for treating fatigue, illness and, yes, hangovers. Intravenous drips contain vitamins and medicine to help customers feel better fast.



Step aside, Emergen-C!

Look out, extra strength Tylenol! IV bars are taking over!

Yes, you are reading this right, I said IV, like that bag of liquid that is connected via a long tube to a vein in your arm that most people in a hospital require (to be precise). Tampa welcomes with WIDE OPEN arms, the HangIVer Bar. This is the first “rehydration hub” to enter the sinful streets of Tampa.



The New Way to Stay Healthy & Hydrated

A few weeks ago I woke up feeling yucky. My brain was foggy. My eyes were heavy. My body was exhausted. I had a full week still ahead of me and needed to feel better pronto. I had heard about a new hydration therapy business called The HangIVer Bar that opened recently in my neighborhood. After looking at their website, I decided to try it. Turns out, vitamin IV drips are the new, hip way to stay healthy and hydrated.