What are the benefits of a vitamin IV drip?

The benefits are many. However, the main benefits are hydration, as many of us are chronically dehydrated and the high dose vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants given through the veins overwhelms the cells with nutrients and helps the body heal more quickly and efficiently.

Why is an vitamin IV drip more beneficial than taking vitamins orally?

Vitamin supplements taken orally are very difficult for the body to absorb. The oral absorption of most supplements is 20-30%, whereas IV absorption is 100%.

What kind of vitamin IV drips do you offer?

We currently have six different drips.

The Fountain of YouthChicken Soup, and Finish Line are our most popular drips. They contain a variation of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help detoxify the liver, kidneys and replenish lost vitamins and minerals from a busy and hectic lifestyle.

RevitalIV is great for exhaustion, jet lag, and fatigue.

Hair of The Dog is popular on the weekends as our hangover treatment to get you feeling better almost immediately.

We have just added The Skinny which is a combination of amino acids and vitamins that help the body to eliminate cholesterol more efficiently.

We have several drips coming soon which I am very excited about! PM lesS will be for the ladies to help improve the symptoms of PMS and The Pro-Gram will be for weekend warriors and professional athletes to improve performance pre-game and post-game recovery.

But what makes the experience at the HangIVer so great is that we are a concierge service and all of our drips can be customized.

Who inserts the needle and oversees the vitamin drip?

We have hand picked a spectacular team of first responders such as senior level paramedics and nurses. In addition, we do  extensive training and education on the use of the vitamins and anti-oxidants so our team is well-versed in offering top notch service.

How long does a drip take?

The first visit will be 45 minutes to an hour. Repeat visits are closer to 30 – 40 minutes depending on the drip.

Is it uncomfortable or painful?

We use a very small needle and numbing spray so the pinch of the needle is quick and minimal. We have numerous members that are afraid of needles and still come in for a weekly treatment! I think most of our guests have been pleasantly surprised.

How soon will someone feel the results of the drip?

Most people notice as soon as they get ready to check out and leave! Results typically last about a week to 10 days.

What tips can you give us for staying hydrated between drips?

The most important thing is that the stomach is not able to absorb more than 200-300 ml per 20 minutes. Therefore, drinking bottle of water quickly in one sitting doesn’t improve hydration. You need to nurse a bottle over an hour to get the full benefit. Also remember to eat nutrient rich foods rather than relying on poorly absorbed supplements. Also, buying time-released vitamin supplements is also a good way to improve absorption.

How often do you recommend someone get an vitamin IV treatment?

Ideally, every 7-10 days if you live a hectic and busy lifestyle or have health issues that you are trying to correct.